Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Cicci Ice-Crean

Hi Everyone,
Cicci Here Today

I hope you all have a wonderful time!!
In Sweden we have nice weather with lots of sun.
And I am sitting inside and colouring. LOL.

Here's some colouring that is perfect for the summer, I think.


I am going to show how easy it is to make the ice-cream cone with Copic markers.

The Markers I used are:
E51 YR24 E33 35 31 
And the Colourless Blender

Step 1
I Start to draw an ice-cream

Step 2
Use E51 to draw the contours on the cone

Step 3
Add YR24 all over the cream cone

Step 4
Add in the edges with E35 then blend with E31 and E33

Step 5 
 Add E29 on the lines

Step 6
Blend all over the area with E55

Step 7
 And now time for the Colourless Blender
Drag the Blender in the same place a few times to see the colour disappear, it may take a few seconds before you see the result, so do not be in a hurry.
Continue until you are satisfied

After I made the lines with the Colourless 
Blender I added E53 23 and blended that with little lines of Y21
 At the end I draw small dots like the letter L on the square in the cone With E53 23
and Blend with E53

Other Copic Markers I have used:
For the Ice-cream
Pink: RV42 21 32 09 04 23 25
Brown ice-cream: E70 74  71 29 53
Light Brown Ice-cream: E51 53 57 59
Sticks: E53 23 27 21 Y21
Strawberry: R14 21 27 39 YG23 11
Sprinkles: Y38 YG23 YR04 FBG2
Blueberries: B63 39 BV02 04
Chocolate heart: E 37 39  29 18
Cherry:  R39 35  27 21

White Posca Pen

Thank you for your visit and I hope to see you again soon.
Hugs and Smiles,
From the Copic Europe girls.

Friday, May 18, 2018

No DPs? No problem!

Hello everyone! It's Delphine here today to share a CAS card with no DPs. The great thing about using no DPs and making your own is that you can create a card with perfectly matching colours.

I used Funky Mother by Make it Crafty for my card.

Skin: E000, 00, 11, 13, RV02
Hair: E25, 59, YR23
Eyes: B00, 63
Pink: RV00, 02, 04
Beige: E40, 41, 42, 43, 44

I then made a card base out of some Copic paper. I drew a line with a ruler and a Sepia Copic Multiliner (0.3). I coloured the white strip using a pink from my image - RV02. Next, I made dots with a Paperbabe Stamps Dot Stencil and with a Sepia Copic Multiliner (0.1), just the outline of the dots, so that I would create a regular pattern - which I would not have been able to do without the stencil of course. I coloured the dots with a Bronze Posca pen to remind of the colour of my character's hair.

I die cut my image with an MFT die and painted a Make it Crafty Delicate Love Oval Chipboard Frame, using the same RV02 Copic and the same Posca pen as the strip on my card base. I also added stickles to the hearts of the frame.

I added my image to my card base, mounting it on foam for a bit of dimension, and voilà!

Thank you very much for your visit, have a great day! Hugs,
Delphine xx

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Rockstar Anya in the spotlight!

Hi Copic friends.

Today I have prepared a music themed card for you.
This is my new stamp called Rockstar Anya 2 from The Greeting Farm.
Isn't she cool ? 
I had seen the spotlight idea at the blog of  Rosemary Bridges, 
I gave it my turn and perhaps you want to try this too.

I have cut a piece of Perfect Colouring Paper with a die,
and have stamped the clear stamp with Memento Rich Cocoa.
Using my Tim Holtz  stamp tool.

Afterward I have added some lines with a grey Copic multiliner 0.3.
Lines to indicate where the spotlight will shine and where the pavement will end..

These are the colours I have used for the skin.

Now I have started to create the "spotlight"...

Time to create the pavement.

Besides the "spotlights" I have added some darker spaces using my warm grey markers.

I have seen many fun hair colours, but I have decided to go for a reddish brown.

After having added the darker shades with the E29,
 I have used the yellow marker  Y21 to colour the lighter parts of the hair.

Time for her outfit, the shirt was coloured with my warm grey markers...
and some dots with a white gel pen.

The electric guitar was coloured with the red tones R39 and R59 and for the shading RV99.

The skirt was coloured with a black Copic multiliner and some grey and red tones.

Her hair bow was coloured with the red tones and some yellow.

I have used my new music notes die too...the dp was distressed 
on the edges and corners with some distress oxide ink (vintage photo).

The card was white but I have used the chisel side of the R59 marker to colour the edges,
in this way the colour is perfect with my coloured image.

Let's  listen to the music! The "You rock " sentiment is part of the stamp set.


skin : E 00, E 11, E 13, E 15
hair : E 09, E 19 , E 29, Y 21
hair bow: R 39, R 59, RV 99, Y 21
shirt : W 6, W 10, white gel pen
skirt : black SP multiliner 0.3 , W 6, R 39
electric guitar : R 39, R 59, RV 99, W 4, W 6
pavement: E 70, E 71
background: W 4 , W 5
spotlight : Y 21, Y 23, Y 26
boots : W6, W 10

Big hugs,

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Marbled background with Copic refills and shaving foam!

Hello Copic lovers,

Happy Tuesday!

It's Sue here today with a really fun tutorial involving Copic refills and shaving foam!

I have seen marbling tutorials before but they have always been with different colouring mediums so I thought I would see what happened if I tried it with Copics!

I got really excited when the technique worked and my card ended up with a beautiful marbled pattern!  (My craft room smelt lovely for a while too from the shaving foam)!

The items I have used for this marbling technique are
a foil tray, a can of inexpensive shaving foam, glossy photo paper, Copic Refills B34, BG13 and V15, a wooden skewer, a plastic ruler, baby wipes.
I sprayed the foam generously onto the foil tray...
then I added drops of Copic refills...
Then I used a skewer to swirl the ink around in the shaving foam...
until it looked something like this.
The next steps are the exciting part!
I press the card down, glossy side down, into the foam, press quite hard until the foam squeezed out of the side of the card.
then I held the card by the corner and rotated it 360 degrees across the top of the foam.

Still holding onto the corner, I lifted the card off the foam.
I used a ruler to scrape the excess foam off the card
After a few minutes I wiped the card with a baby wipe.

You don't need to throw the foam away, you can add some more ink and repeat the technique several times until the foam has all gone.

This background made me think of unicorns, so, here is the card I made with it.
I had such fun doing this!  It would be great if you could try this too and show us your cards at
Copic Marker Europe on Facebook.
To find us just follow the link

Thank you for popping by.
Happy Copic colouring


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Just Four Markers!

Hi Everyone, it's Faye here today :)

Last month, I chatted to you about Colouring in Monotone. This month, I thought I would take limiting my colours in a different direction and challenged myself to colour an image with just five markers. In fact, when it came to it, I only used four!

It's great to try this as a little challenge for yourself every once in a while, it really makes you think about where you want to put your shading. It's also a fab technique if you don't have many or all of the Copic colours. 

When you are using just one marker to colour various parts of an image, you need to start with a smooth base layer of colour. You then build up layers of shading, gradually decreasing the amount of colour you lay each time.

It is important that the ink dries between each layer you add, otherwise the colour will try and blend with the ink below, rather than sit on top.

You also need to approach the extra layers with a light touch, this will enable you to build up lots of light layers, rather than a few heavy ones.

Finally, be sure to lift the Copic at the end of the pen stroke, so you have a lovely light flick. This means you'll end up with a nice smooth transition between layers of shading.

I have used an image from Tiddly Inks, called Wryn - Whatcha Doin'? and printed her in light grey so I can also achieve the No Lines Technique.

Let's make a start...


The light source is coming from the top left, so I've added E000 shading to create shape at the edges of the face and under the fringe, the bottom of the ear, on the neck under the chin and across the fingers.

Repeat with E000, laying less shading in each area this time. Don't worry if the shading under the hair looks a little loud. Adding a hair colour will tone this down...

I am using E71 for the hair, letting an area dry before colouring the section next to it. As I am colouring with No Lines, this will help me decide where to place my shading.

Use E71 to start adding shading. I have also added some E71 to the face and mouth and softened it with E000, to act as cast shadow.

Time for more layers of E71, paying specific attention to the pieces of hair under the chin, which are tucked behind. By adding extra layers of E71 only to these areas, you will pop them behind.

Add E71 to increase the fringe hanging over the face, the wisps of hair at the top of the head and cast shadow around the hair clip.

A few extra touch ups with E71 on the wisps at the top of the head, the eyes and cast shadow on the neck under the chin.

Let's start the dress and hair clip with B93.

Add shading with B93 on the right of the dress and clip.

More shading on the right of the dress with B93. Also add a touch of E71 to the dress at the top, where it touches the base of the neck on the left.

C1 for alternate stripes of the dress sleeves.

B93 for the remaining sleeve stripes.

Add shading to both colours of stripe on the sleeves. Lay down a small amount of E71 to the left side of the right arm, which will act as cast shadow and pop the arm behind the body. Lay some shading under the hands with C1 to push them forward.

Use a pencil to add the top of the surface the hands are resting on and a White Gel Pen for eye reflection detail.

And that's us all done!

Copics Used...
E000, E71, B93, C1

Thanks for stopping by... Have a great day.