Sunday, October 15, 2017

Girls and cats

Hi lovely Copic friends , I (Miranda) have a very special creation to share.
By the end of this month my first product line will be released by Studio Light and I really wanted to show you how I coloured my images using the Copic Markers. 

I have used several sets to create an art journalpage.

The little cute hearts are coloured with RV02, 04, 06 and 09.
I used the lightest colour first, which is your RV02. Then I used the darkest one, the RV09 and work my way back to the lightest colour with the RV04 and 06. In the end I blend all colours together again with the RV02.

Sometimes the darkest colours get lighter due to the blending with the lighter colours. Then add a little bit of the darkest colour again. 

The colours I have used for colouring the cute tiny flowers are:
petals- V04, 05 and 06
floral heart - Y17
leaves and stem - YG13, 17

Isn't my kitten adorable?
I used green to colour the kitten.
I used G12, 14 and 16. Later I also added some YG13, to get it more yellowish green. 
For the eyes I've used Y17 and R20 and BV00 for the ears. 

For this cat I've used my favorite purples, V04, 05, 06 and 09.
Start again with the lightest colour, the V02. In the next step use the darkest purple V09 for the shades. And then I work my way back again to the lightest colour  using the V05 and 06. 

The green eyes: YG13, G16 and Y17. 

For the pink cat I use the RV02, 04, 06 and 09. Again start with your lightest colour.

I've used quite a lot of different colours.
I start colouring the skin with E50. Then I use the BV00 for shading. For the 3rd layer I use E00. Blend all layers together with E0000. After colouring the hair I decided to add some more E51, E00 and R20 to give the face more colour. And some W3 for more shading. 

The hair I always colour the other way around. I start with the darkest colour first, the G16. Then the G14 and G12. I also added some YG13, because the G -colours turned out to be too blueish green. 

The dress: RV02, 04, 06 and 09.
purple dots: V05 and 06
shading on the apron; BV00 and 0000

And this is my art joburnal page. 
Hope you like it.

See you again soon,

Thursday, October 12, 2017

We are the Adams Family

Hi Everyone, it's Saskia here.
It's almost Halloween. I really like Halloween.   I am a very big fan of all kinds of creepy stories and series. One of my favorites, I think, is The Adams Family.
Before I show you how to easily create ghost windows with Copic Markers. Let me first tell you a little bit where Halloween comes from.
This information comes from Wikipedia.

Halloween is a holiday that is traditionally celebrated in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Meanwhile, the party is becoming more and more popular in the Netherlands, Belgium and other European countries.
On the 31st of October, children will dress and bell or knock when darkness occurs at nearby houses decorated with pumpkins and light and call trick or treat, choosing between a trick or something trick (treat, usually sweets). The residents then give the children candies. Young adults sometimes go to Halloween.
The name "Halloween" is derived from Hallow-e'en, or All Hallows Eve (All Saints Evening), the evening for All Saints, November 1st.  In the Celtic calendar the year began on November 1st, so October 31 was New Year's Eve. The harvest was then in, the seed for the following year was ready and so had a free day, the Celtic New Year or Samhain (Saun pronunciation, which became the Irish word for the month of November).
Samhain was also very special for another reason.
On the island of Great Britain, Halloween was celebrated especially by the Celts, who believed that on that day the spirits of all died of the past year returned to try to inherit a living body for the coming year. The spirits that would rise from dead people were attracted by laying down food for them in front of the doors. However, to ward off the evil spirits, the Celts wore masks. When the Romans invaded Britain, they mixed the Celtic tradition with their own traditions, which at the end of October involved the celebration of the harvest and also the honor of the dead.

In the 9th century a European Christian use crossed the sea and mixed up with the halloween party. On all souls (November 2), clattered Christians walked around the villages and prayed for soul cake (bread with currants). For each loaf, they promised to pray for the dead relatives of the donor, in order to speed up his liberation from the temporal punishment of purgatory, thus speeding up his incarnation in. The trick or tread may well originate. 

 In the United States, the party especially rose during the second half of the 19th century when large groups of Irish and Scottish immigrants entered the country. In the US, the famous jack-o'-lantern appeared in this time, a hollowed pumpkin that appears on a face. Worldwide this may have become the most famous symbol of Halloween. For much of the 20th century, Halloween in the US was especially a children's party. During this children's party, the children dress at the door (often accompanied by an elder) in the evening and ask for a treat (trick or treat). The intention is to frighten those who open the window. Often the resident has candy in the house, from which the children can choose. The participating houses are recognizable by visible halloween decorations. From the 1980s, it became more and more a celebration for adults.   The dressings and the griege aspect became increasingly important after this time.

Easy way for colouring Ghost Windows.

 Step 1: First colour your first part of the window with BG93.

 Step 2: Then you colour the other half with YR31.

Step 3: You go with W3 all over both colours. By mixing these colours you get spooky look on the windows.

The images are digital stamps "Gomez and Morticia"  and "Wednesday and Pugsley" from Vera Lane Studio. The house is a digital stamps "Spooky-house" from Make it Crafty.
I used the following Copic Markers to colour:
Skin: E50 - 51 - 53
Hair: C10 - V17 - 110
Business suite: V12 - 15 - 17 - 09
Blouse: V20 - 25
Tie: V28 - V17
Shoes: V17 - C10 - 110
Skin: E00 - W2
Hair: C10 - V15 - V17
Dress : 110 - C10 - C8 - BV08
Skin: E50 - 51
Hair: C8 -10 - B95
Eyes: W3 - E53
Dress en shoes: B97 - 99
Skin : E000 - 00 - 21
Hair: YR24 - 27 - Y38
Shirt: W5 - 7 - 9 & YR23 - Y38 - 35
Pants en shoes: W5 - 7 - 9
TNT: B95 - 97

Background: Y38 - B95 - BG07 on Yupo paper with Activator and white Gesso
The Soopky House:
Roof: E04 - R56 - 59 and RV69
Wood: E74 - 77 and - W3 - 5 -7
Windows: B93 - YR93 - W3 
I hope you have read this post with pleasure.
Until next time!


Sunday, October 8, 2017

Furry Reindeer...

Hello everyone,
It's Sue here today and I've been colouring one of my favourite images - a reindeer! 
For a long time I avoided colouring furry animals because I wasn't confident about colouring their fur!  If you are feeling bit unsure about it as well then hopefully this tutorial will help.

Now, today I am going to be using a really strong Copic red combination so it is really important that my markers are clean.  (To be honest It's always important to have clean markers but with reds even more so)!
I have chosen an image which I think shows off the technique to colour textured fur perfectly.  It is also quite beautiful - Rednosed Mousedeer by Di's Digi Stamps.
To colour textured fur I am basically going to make a lot of dots on the image with the brush nib of your marker.  It is important that the dots are randomly placed and of different sizes.
First I covered the whole of the image which would be textured fur with dots using E41...
...then I added dots of E42 where I wanted the darkest parts of my image to be...
and I went back over the whole area again with E41.
I then coloured the darkest areas again with E42
Next I used E43 to colour the darkest area...
...followed by E44.  (Don't panic - I know it is starting to look dark but adding the lighter colours shortly will even it all out)!
Next, I coloured with the same markers, in the same areas in reverse order...
E41 (all over)
To smooth out the area which goes from dark to light, I used a combination of E41 and colourless blender (but only use the colourless blender sparingly or you will end up with bald patches)!
Using the same markers, I carried on adding dots until the area was completely covered, the transition from dark to light looked 'smooth' and I had achieved a result I was happy with.
Using W00, W1, W3 and W4 I used the same technique to colour the fur on the mice.
Their ears are smoothly coloured with R11 and E81.
I finished colouring this lovely image with Copic markers as follows...
Bells - Y35, Y15, Y11
Bow, bauble and beautiful nose - R59, R56, R46, R24
Bauble - YG67, YG17, YG03
I really enjoyed colouring this cute reindeer!  I hope you found this tutorial useful.
It would be great if you could try this technique and show your cards to us at 
Copic Marker Europe on Facebook.
To find us just follow the link

Thank you for popping by.
Happy Copic colouring

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Halloween Haunted House Scene

Hi everyone! It's Sandie here and today I am sharing a Haunted House scene I coloured. 
The stamp is by Stamping Bella

I started this image as I start all my images, and that is with colouring any characters, specifically the skin.

The colours are E00, E11, E04

For the green skin I used YG21, YG23, YG25

I gave the witch purple hair using V12, V15, V17

Dress: YR12, YR14, YR16, YR18

I coloured some of the windows with light in them. 
Y13, Y15, Y17

For the Mummy I used N1 and N3 and blended them together using the colourless blender. 

On the wood I used E21, E33 and E27

For the roof  I started with N3 and then laid down some N5 for the shadows. At the very end I applied N7 in the darkest areas. 

I gave the house a wooden effect using E41, E42, E43 and pulling the lines in from the outside edge towards the middle. 

For the window and door frames I used E21 and E33 and then added some shadow with N3 and N5

To complete the image I coloured everything else in black, using N1 through to N7

For the background I started with the ground, laying down some W1 and then building up with W3 and W5. 
Keep layering the colours until you're happy with how it looks. 

I decided to add a moon to the night sky, behind the bat, so I drew a circle with B000 as a guide for the sky. 

As with the ground, I started the sky with the lightest colour B02 and then added darker colours to build up depth - B23, B24, B26

Finally, for the moon, I used Y00, Y11 and some YR23 to add lines. I also applied some Y11 into the night sky around the moon, going back in with the blues to build up the colour again. 

Thanks for dropping by today